Weeknotes #009: Shipped

What I did in the 45th week of 2020


We launched!

You can now sign up for an account on GOV.UK. Our initial trial links accounts to the Transition Checker. It allows users to record and return to their results. We are trialing it in comparison to our existing email alert system.

Will an account deliver value helping users track what transition means for them? Will they prefer an account as a way to manage preferences and notifications? Will our technology choices scale well with the user base?

Now we find out.

Launch allowed me to take a course from our content colleagues on clear writing. I think this is a real skill, easily overlooked. One I hope to improve on.

It’s in three parts, today was a manifesto for why clear writing matters. We discussed what what we know about users, language and their preferences. It was eye opening stuff! I’ll do a round up of their links and recap soon.

I’m looking forward to the next sessions.


National coronavirus lockdown resumed on Thursday. Our main social contact has been with some friends in a nearby town, who we see most weeks. We caught up in person for a last time before preparing for a month at a greater social distance.


Slow progress on the two books, as I impatiently listened to US election news.

This week I heard about the advantages of setting a reasonable reading goal, like 25 pages a day. I think it’s the kind of atomic habit approach that lets you turn modest progress into grander success in time.

I’m going to give that a go this week.

Listened to

Election coverage mostly from Five Thirty Eight, Vox’s Today explained, the Briefing room and Talking Politics. All is already out of date so, no links.

Thinking about

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