From Weeknotes to Recently

I have not written a new weeknote since 2021 started. I started building up a backlog around new year, and I never caught up.

I had two intentions for weeknotes:

  1. To exercise my own writing skills, improving them through practice.
  2. To expose the work I do - so more folks can see what it is like to be a developer and civil servant.

I think this second point is where I was the least successful.

Finding something interesting from a week, that translates well to folks outside and keeps the right amount of confidence and adherance to the civil service code… is a tricky balance.

Notes on life outside work started to fill the space left there. But a personal blog was not what I had set out to do.

So plan B:

Fewer, irregular posts. But mostly when there is something interesting to be said about working as a developer or for government. Hopefully those will be both more interesting and offer better insight for the interested.

And for the writing practice, I’ll catch up on the book reviews.

| Huw