Oryx and Crake

I started the book then stopped. The setting was disorientating, with little to hang on to. I was bewildered by the events,so I went off to read something else. I came back begrudgingly when I’d read everything else.

Turns out that was the point, and I should have persisted first time. It takes its time to peel back it’s layers, showing you a bit more of present and past. The more time you spend in either, the more the anticipation grows to see them connect.

Written in 2003, the science seems to fit well into a world that saw Cas9 modify human genomes in 2015. Was that prescience that we caught up with? Or perhaps the science moves slow and has taken 12 years to inch forward. No pigoons yet through.

A good human driven story, with scientific horrors and delights. I recommend it.

| Huw

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