Zita the spacegirl

Is this kids content? Kids content sounds like slander, something brainless, farmed, colourful gloop. Hypnosis for the young and boring for the grown. I think good writing can hit emotional beats that resonate with all ages. Offices and school playgroups share more in common that we might want to admit. If I’m not bored, and the writing reaches above a school age of emotional literacy, then perhaps it’s for all of us?

In the last few years I’ve enjoyed masterful Ghibli films, thoughtful cartoons like Avatar: The last Airbender, and the delightful Hilda comics and cartoon. They felt aimed at any age looking for something that delivered stories, powered by restrained mild peril and colourful artwork. No gloop in sight.

Zita fits well on to a shelf amongst Ghibli, Avatar and Hilda. Full of characters, well drawn, interestingly flawed, it reminded me that you can do a lot with comics. It’s a form of art and stories I should give a bit more time to.

The story zips along a bit, perhaps too quick. It feels a bit like a pilot episode. The back dust jacket advertises a small library of sequels, so perhaps it was a successful one.

Anyway it’s good, looking forward to reading more.

| Huw

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