Will save the galaxy for food

The author narrates the Audible book, a voice familiar to me from his Zero Punctuation series of game reviews. The style carries across from there, sarcastic and irreverent. I had mixed feelings about the setting when I started. Opening with a heavy dose of “Japan in space” made me cringe that this would be some kind of internet Otaku hole. However it does a reasonable job justifying its setting, and avoids falling into a space samurai fantasy.

More interesting is the set up of talented adventures, from a recent Golden Age of heroics, now redundant as better tech made long flights surplus to requirement. The heros of other genres now left by the wayside and fighting for scraps, at varying levels of dignity.

Chapters barrel around, through a myriad of settings, moving quickly and in unexpected directions.

A fun, light read.

| Huw

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